Values in Action: Project Scubillion - Bishan Home for the Intellectual Disabled

2015 Schedule
7   April – Planting
21 April – Marketing (Posters, Flyers) + Publicity
28 April – Harvesting, Cleaning + Sales of vegetables.

3   March – Planting
10 March -- Brain storm on Marketing Ideas
17 March – Marketing (Posters, Flyers) + Publicity
24 March – Harvesting, Cleaning + Sales of vegetables.

3rd March 2015 - Planting Session

Through Project Scubilion, the school works with charitable organizations to further develop the social consciousness of its students by deepening their involvement in service.

This year, we are initiating our project with Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled. We are assisting them with their hydroponic farming. Two SJI boys will join one of their residents to carry out the activities. The money from the sale of the vegetables will contribute their operating funds.

In addition, as briefed to you by Theodore, the performances that you are rehearsing will also be for the celebration during festive events.

The following are the dates for the hydroponic farming activities:
Fridays - 4pm to 5pm
20 Jan ( Monday) - 2pm - 3pm, briefing for students and orientation 1 hour
24 Jan - planting
14 Feb - harvesting & selling in SJI
21 Feb - planting
11 March - harvesting & selling in SJI
26 September - planting
10 Oct- harvesting & selling in SJI
17 Oct - planting
31 Oct - harvesting & selling in SJI

Note: on the day of harvesting and selling, we need to send boys there
during their free periods in the morning to harvest and sell the
vegetables in our school before 4:pm.

The rest of the students can go there by 4pm to do the cleaning after the harvesting. I suggest that the Lower Secondary students can harvest and sell while the Upper Secondary students can do the cleaning.