Fencing Equipment

Jackets are selected by the fencers depending on whether they are left or right-handed or even ambidextrous. Fencers use socks and gloves so that no part of the body is exposed other than the trailing hand and the back of the head. Women fencers use added protection. Homologated clothing is commonly used in elite fencing tournaments and is fashioned from fabrics such as Kevlar, Startex or ballistic nylon. This type of clothing offers a fencer a high degree of protection.

The fencing rule insists that foil masks be well insulated so as to prevent touching the opponent’s head. The epee masks should cover the collarbones. Fencing masks are available in different sizes. The fencing rule insists on the mask passing the 12 kg punch test to be certified for competition. Maraging steel foil blades are made of special alloy steel that has just a 5% chance of developing micro cracks that will lead to breakage. These blades are made out of an alloy of iron, nickel and titanium. Such blades are available for epee too.