Welcome to our official website. All official dissemination of information is executed via this site. Members and parents are expected to refer to this website for all information and official events and activities planned by the Club.

In SJI, the Fencing Club invites those who are keen in taking part of this sport leisurely as well as competitively.
This year, 2018, is our 36th years since the club started. We hope to nurture students to be men for others through the engagement of fencing and service learning activities which we plan throughout the year.

Training Venue: Indoor Sports Hall Training Rooms
Training Time: 3PM - 6PM ( before National Inter-School Games Championship )
                         3PM - 5PM ( after National Inter-School Games Championship )
Training Day: Every Thursday
To develop our students into men
who are driven by passion and meaning
who are people-centred and principled individuals

who are reflective and self-directed learners
who are creative thinkers and effective communicators
who are innovative leaders and community-builders
(established since 1982)
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